Managed IT Services

Service Desk – Help Desk

Making sure that your servers and workstations are in top performance, reduces your downtime,and increase your productivity

Managed Cloud Services

Using TNB’s Managed Cloud Services you can virtualize your entire IT platform, saving money an time on support and maintenance

Infrastructure Management

Day to day operations optimization and peek performance guaranteed by our remote or on-site professionals

Project Management

For any IT projects that you plan to implement,  you can relay on us to guide and advise you on either short, medium or long-term strategies to achieve your goals


Data can take many forms: financial info, production design files, software code. Making sure that the asset is secured against loss it is good business practice


Security Management

What would your clients think if your company would be the target of a hacker attack, and their data would be exposed? Protect yourself and your customers and keep your company’s integrity intact.

About Us

Our Objective

We strive to create an environment that enables SMBs to do what they do best, and not care about IT problems!

Our Vision

We want to become the best Small & Medium Businesses supplier for Managed IT Services in Canada!

Our Approach

We work with the Office and/or the IT Managers to set the IT goals for short, medium and long term. Then based on your support and growth needs, we agree upon an SLA.

Our Process

We have a simple three step process. We listen to your needs (and no, you do not need to be technical). We ask you for a budget. We propose solution options for your approval.

More services?

WiFi Deployments

Site surveys for WiFi optimization, guest access with custom captive portals or simply extending your range

Telephony and VoIP

Decrease phone bills by leveraging VoIP technology and current IP infrastructure

Software Development

From a simple website to complex custom ERP implementations and code audit, our developers are up for any challenge

IT Sourcing

Once stop source for a complete range of hardware and software products, through a single vendor.

Training and Education

Delivery of diverse IT process and product training courses to internal users to enhance productivity and ROI

Physical Security

Physical security needs are covered by installation of security cameras, bio-metric scanners, server room fire, water and temperature monitors and more